An Update On Our Searches from the Senior Warden

March 30, 2023

Written By Sam Allen, Senior Warden Your Wardens and Vestry met on March 28 and worked on laying some foundations for our Searches for an Interim Dean and Dean. Our initial focus must be on the search for Interim Dean. In many ways, this will be an expedited and somewhat simplified “dry run” for our […]

A Note from the Senior Warden: The Search for an Interim Dean

March 23, 2023

A Note from Your Senior Warden The searches for an Interim Dean and Dean are in the early stage, but we are moving forward. At our Lesser Chapter meeting on March 15 we voted to invite the Rev. Pamela Mott, currently Priest-in-Charge at Grace Church in Bath, to serve as our Search Consultant. Pam has […]

Learning about the Life of C.S. Lewis

March 9, 2023

Presentation Highlights from the Rev. Dr. Paul St. Germain, Transition Priest in Charge   Oxford and Cambridge don C. S. “Jack” Lewis (1898 – 1963) has been called the  “greatest Christian writer in the English language” – opening the door of faith to millions  of readers. His words on Christian apologetics are indeed ones of […]

An Update on the Transition as we Seek a new Dean

February 23, 2023

Sam Allen, Senior Warden The Cathedral is at the beginning of a multi-stage transition process as we seek a new Dean to succeed Dean Shambaugh. For the immediate future, The Rev. Paul St. Germain, Transition Priest-in-Charge, is our clergy leader. Paul has a half-time appointment with us and also serves part-time at Trinity Church, Lewiston. […]

The Art of Slowing Down to Say Thank You

February 16, 2023

 A Reflection by Avery Schott, Oftentimes, each of you are emailing me with the privilege and honor of highlighting your ministries within the church and the wider community. As I receive your entries and begin the process of proofing, formatting, posting to the website, and sending out our newsletter, I am fortunate enough to learn […]

“…a very Anglican: ‘Yes, and…”

February 2, 2023

A Reflection from Transition Priest in Charge, The Rev. Dr. Paul St. Germain Ecclesiastes famously speaks of “seasons” in life. As residents of an area where seasons are both celebrated and endured, we may ask ourselves the characteristics of this season of transition St. Luke’s is entering. Will it be busy, hectic, filled with new […]

Attending the White House and the Signing of the Respect for Marriage Act

December 14, 2022

Last Friday, December 9, I received the most surprising email of my life, from the the White House Social Office. I was invited to the Signing of the Respect for Marriage Act. I knew why I’d received it: I’ve devoted decades of work for LGBTQ+ inclusion and justice, including Chairing the Religious Coalition for the […]

The Joy of Advent

December 8, 2022

A Reflection by Dean Shambaugh It was getting late. We were most of the way through a two-hour rehearsal and people were getting tired, tripping over tempo changes, and making simple mistakes. There was only a dress rehearsal left before two concerts and we just weren’t gelling. The conductor looked at us and asked, “Do […]

Did you know that December 6 (not December 25) is St Nicholas’ Day? 

December 7, 2022

A Piece by Dean Shambaugh, Did you know that December 6 (not December 25) is St Nicholas’ Day?  St. Nicholas is a 4th century bishop of Myrna (in Turkey) who was known for his generosity, particularly in one story of giving gold coins to young children.  Brought to America by Dutch colonialists and immortalized in […]

A New Face – and Ministry: The Rev. Christopher Worthley

November 17, 2022

It is such a pleasure to join the wonderful and welcoming community here at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke! Since first arriving here with my husband, Christian Clough, the Cathedral’s new Canon for Liturgy and Music, I have felt the amazing energy, character, and commitment of this holy place. With Dean Shambaugh’s encouragement, I […]