Interim Dean Search Committee

April 13, 2023

The Interim Dean search is commencing! The Vestry authorized your Wardens to reach out to potential members of a Search Committee and recommend a group willing to serve in this role. We’ve completed that task, and the Vestry has voted to accept this group to serve as the Interim Dean Search Committee: Paula Gillies Robyn […]

Sign Up to Support the Flower Guild

March 3, 2023

We’re pleased to announce that the 2023 Flower Chart is up on the bulletin board and ready for your memorials and celebrations. We thank the many individuals who signed up on the flower chart in the past for their donations and special flower requests in memory of, or in honor of loved ones, and in […]

What is St. Elizabeth’s Pantry

November 11, 2022

St. Elizabeth’s is a low-barrier pantry serving non-food essentials to all those in need, including new Mainers and Mainers whose families have been here for generations.  It is a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine.  St. Luke’s generously shares their space with the Pantry. Each Tuesday morning the pantry is opened in the portico […]

Why do I volunteer at St. Elizabeth’s Essentials Pantry? A testimonial by Martha Parshley

November 11, 2022

Written by Martha Parshley, A St. Luke’s Parishioner and a St. Elizabeth’s Volunteer I have been volunteering at St. E’s since I retired. That makes it ten years now. Highlighting the Pantry for St. Luke’s has made me think about why I have been so committed to this service. What keeps me coming back. I […]

Why St. E’s: A Testimonial by Elizabeth Byrd Wood

November 11, 2022

A Testimonial by Elizabeth Byrd Wood, A St. Luke’s Parishioner and St. Elizabeth’s Volunteer I am a believer in “ant power.” Just like an ant colony, a collective effort by many people can bring about change.  As individuals, we can’t solve the problems of poverty, food insecurity, or homelessness single-handedly.  But by joining forces with others, we […]

Tuesday Mornings: A Testimonial by Gus Goodwin

November 11, 2022

Tuesday Mornings A Testimonial by Gus Goodwin, A St. Luke’s Parishioner and St. Elizabeth’s Volunteer Carmen, Christine, Sunday, Sarah, Christo, Lionel and Anthony are some of the names that I know. There are many more who I don’t know by name, but do know their faces. Week after week they come to St E’s in […]

PPEAT Eco-Tips

October 27, 2022

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act offers a number of initiatives for changing from fossil fuel usage to electricity and renewable energy. The website is an excellent guide to these federal incentives. In addition to these federal opportunities, Efficiency Maine gives rebates for insulation, heat pump installation, and electric as well as hybrid vehicles. See […]

Climate Disasters, Human Impacts

September 15, 2022

Fifteen inches of rain in 24 hours. Millions experiencing famine on the Horn of Africa as a result of a severe, prolonged and persistent drought.  Wheat as a diplomatic tool between Russia, Ukraine and the U.S. and all of their allies. Devastating floods leaving one-third of Pakistan under water. Hundreds of homes destroyed by wildfires […]

Sacred Ground Circle

September 8, 2022

Please join us for a Sacred Ground circle. Sacred Ground is a film and reading based dialog, grounded in faith. Small groups are invited to walk through chapters of America’s history of race and racism, while weaving in threads of family story, economic class, political and regional identity.  We will start our group on Saturday, […]

Eco Tip: How fashion impacts the environment

August 18, 2022

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, the fashion industry contributes 10% of the global carbon dioxide output and also 1/5th of the plastic produced yearly. Synthetics such as polyester are produced from oil and cause micro plastic pollution in rivers and oceans, harming marine and river species. In addition, wastewater from textile production sheds […]