Interim Dean Search Committee

The Interim Dean search is commencing! The Vestry authorized your Wardens to reach out to potential members of a Search Committee and recommend a group willing to serve in this role.
We’ve completed that task, and the Vestry has voted to accept this group to serve as the Interim Dean Search Committee:
Paula Gillies
Robyn Goshorn
Misha Pride
Orion Williams
Sam Allen, ex-Officio
Claire Hammen, ex-Officio
The Committee will be officially commissioned at Sunday’s 10 A.M. service.
This group will serve only for the Interim Dean search. We will likely have several committees engaged with different aspects our search for a new Dean. Our Consultant will be helping us establish those committees, once our Interim Dean has joined us. The Interim Search Committee will have its first meeting on Monday, April 17. Please keep this Committee in your prayers. All of us welcome your thoughts as we proceed with our work.
Sam Allen, Senior Warden