Sam Allen

Sam Allen (Senior Warden)


Fred Fowler (Acting Junior Warden)

Class of 2025

Dan McDonald


Oscar Mokeme

Micahel Thorne

Class of 2026


Nancy Brain

Jamie Moore

Jamie Moore

Randi Hogan

Randi Hogan

Class of 2027

Stan Kuziel

Stanley Kuziel

Eleanor Roberts

Eleanor Roberts

Mary Linneman

Mary Linneman

Vestry Biographies

Sam Allen, Senior Warden

I retired in 2013 after a career of teaching, research, and administration at MIT as a professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

My wife, the Rev.’d Anne Fowler, grew up in Portland and we both felt a strong pull to relocate here after retiring.

We moved to Deering Highlands in 2013 and began to attend St. Luke’s early in 2014.

At St. Luke’s I served as Junior Warden from 2015–2019, and then as Senior Warden 2019–2021 and again as Senior Warden beginning in 2023.

I am also a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, the Finance Committee, the Endowment Committee, the Public Policy and Environmental Action Committee, the Kneelers Guild, co-leader of Noon Zoom, and have served as a delegate to Diocesan Convention for several years.

Fred Fowler, Acting Junior Warden

Sixteen years ago, my wife, Pat and I moved to Maine permanently from Cazenovia, NY. Prior to our move our goal was to find a new church home. After visiting a number of Episcopal Churches during vacation trips to the Portland area, we connected with St. Luke’s as participants in the Tuesday 12:10 pm Eucharist service led by Fr. Webster. He was the first to make us feel at home and fed us spiritually. Immediately upon moving here we became active volunteers at the Cathedral finding it a way to meet new people with common interests.

As time progressed we became more active in leadership roles. I was raised up as Jr. Warden, working closely with Fr. Webster to learn all aspects of the building physical plant. After serving my terms as Jr. Warden I took on the role of senior warden. I found it rewarding and satisfying to serve God in this capacity. I took an interest in the governing structure of the Diocese and was elected the Diocesan Council for one term and then was chosen by Bishop Lane for a second term where I served on the Finance Committee.

I have served as an area representative on Diocesan Council and was invited to stay on as a lay representative on the Grant Committee. A couple of years ago I approached the Diocese with the idea to develop an advisory group for parishes to request guidance on building projects and issues that rise up. Working with Canon Martin, we recruited three other diocesan members, with specific skill sets to serve on the group and be available to address questions from parishes.

I am an active member of the Cathedral Finance, Endowment, and Buildings and Grounds. I am currently serving as junior warden.

I enjoy working with a variety of folks focused on doing God’s work through management of resources and making improvements to the building to better serve those who use it on a regular basis.

I continued my connections with the Diocese by offering oversight of property maintenance and repair. It is always a joy to attend Diocesan Convention and connect with folks from around the State and listen to their spiritual journey stories, struggles and successes that I can then bring back to our Cathedral.

One of our most rewarding volunteer activities is coordination of the 10:00 AM ecumenical morning prayer service each Tuesday at Piper Shores Retirement Community in Scarborough.

It continues to be a joy in providing access to worship opportunities for those who may no longer have a connection to a parish since moving to the facility. We are blessed to have been invited to participate in this ministry by Fr. Richard Ellis, a resident and member of St. Luke’s.


Vestry Class of 2025

Dan McDonald

I am a cradle Episcopalian whose faith is fed by my fellow human beings. Now in the “giving back” stage of my life, I try to use what skills I may have to further the work of Rotary and the church and to facilitate the passage of unaccompanied youth from abroad through the US immigration legal system.  Joan and I moved to Maine 20 years ago to be near children and grandchildren, and haven’t regretted a minute of it.

Oscar Mokeme

Chief-Nze. Oscar Mokeme is a mystic, a performance artist, was born in Nigeria, grew up between Nigeria and Uk. Raised in the Anglican Church traditions. Have been in the USA since 1979. Joined St. Luke 1989, served as a reader as well as an usher and a member of the vestry and the healing team at the cathedral.Founder and executive director for the museum of African art and culture in Portland. Spent most of his adult  life collecting and interpreting African art and its humanistic traditions. Have conducted extensive research on African medical and spiritual healing systems and Christian mysticism. A mystic healer practitioner.
Have succeeded in executive positions requiring a broad business acumen and high tolerance for risk. A creative, resourceful and focused. A strategic thinking leader with the ability to inspire and develop people. Curious, bright and competitive and relentlessly creative. Optimistic and capable of visualizing the future and implementing strategy to achieve that vision. Loves hiking and spending time in nature. An author, storyteller and public speaker.Have taught classes in most of the US higher educational institutions as well as Europe , Africa and Asia . Have traveled well and have  global knowledge of bussiness, cultures and spirituality and political systems( enjoys worship, music and devotional services that brings glory to the name of God and love serving here at the cathedral of st. Luke and other prophetic arenas.

Michael Thorne

Perhaps the happiest day of my life was the Sunday was when Jim, Nate, and I stood with our newborn Alec, stood at the baptismal font of this church.

His older brother had been baptized at another church where we as "a two dad family" had been relegated to a private chapel- away from the congregation.

For me this church, St. Luke's, and our Episcopal Church, more broadly are a national treasure.

I'm not sure that I am very successful at being a Christian, but the people in this community provide me with examples of what that looks like in real life and make me want to work at being a better person.

I also believe, that this faith community has not only "the right stuff" to survive but actually thrive in this city. To achieve that we need to compliment our clergy with a strong lay leadership team.

We have been at St. Luke's for 15 years now. And during that time I've had a turn at serving on the Vestry, attending Diocesan Conventions, teaching Sunday School, getting in the way at St. Elizabeth's, and offering unsolicited opinions on a host of topics. If I can master the steps of liturgical garb, you may see me swaying with a cross or candle stick on Sunday morning.

I've been back in Maine for twenty years now after a career in Boston, where I was a minor officer of a major Boston bank. I was an Area Leader in the realm of human resources, mergers, and systems conversions.

My formal schooling was at UMaine and Harvard Extension.

My partner, now spouse, Dr. Jim Theberge and I have been together 35+ years and have lived in Cape Elizabeth where we've raised two sons Nate (20) and Alec (15) who have been active members of St. Luke's.

Vestry Class of 2026

Nancy Brain

My husband John Watson, our son Jamie Watson, and I joined St. Luke’s in the early 1990’s. Since then, I have had the opportunity to make friends, learn the ropes and participate in a wide range of activities and volunteer opportunities. I have co-chaired the Holiday Fair, co-chaired the Search Committee when Ben came to St. Luke’s, served on the Finance Committee, the Endowment Committee, the steering committee of the Living Stones Capital Campaign, the Vestry and have volunteered with the Healing Team, St. Elizabeth’s Jubilee Center, and the Food Pantry. As I have grown to appreciate, respect and love St. Luke’s and its members, it has become a central part of my life. For these reasons, I offer my time and the knowledge gained from experience to help St. Luke’s transition through this next stage in its evolution.

Jamie Moore

I'm a social worker living in Portland with my partner and my 9-year-old son. I came to St. Luke's through the youth group in the 90s, and I participated in a lot of Diocesan youth events from middle school through young adulthood. After living outside of Maine for a while, I've been attending St. Luke's steadily for about the past 7 years and have become more involved in various groups and activities over the years - most recently joining the choir last September. I love the people at St. Luke's, and I look forward to the potential opportunity to represent and support the congregation as a member of the Vestry.

Randi Hogan

I joined St. Luke's in 2021 and have had the privilege of serving as verger, chair of stewardship, and member of the finance committee. Earlier in life, I was active in my parish church and the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, serving in many lay leadership roles. I delight in the ways lay people can meaningfully engage throughout their lives in the governance and ministries of the Episcopal Church, as we grow in loving relationship with God, each other, and creation.

Professionally, I am a charitable giving consultant who helps individuals and families contribute to positive social and environmental change through joyful philanthropy. In my community, I serve as board president of the Eastern Trail Alliance and chair of the Scarborough Conservation Commission. I live in Scarborough with my husband, Jude, and the sweetest, long-haired miniature dachshund, Moxie.

I am honored to serve on Vestry. I want to help plan the Cathedral’s path forward through our transition and cultivate a just, welcoming, and loving community.

Vestry Class of 2027

Stanley Kuziel

My name is Stan Kuziel and I am honored to serve St. Luke's to the best of my ability as a member of the vestry.

I have been an active member for the past two years, since retiring and permanently relocating to Portland from RI. I have been a volunteer for St. Luke's Food Pantry twice weekly, ushering at weekly services and special events, assisting on the Greening of the Cathedral team, Coffee Hour, and Holiday Fair.

My professional experience has included 40+ years of executive management and consultation services in not-for-profit and corporate settings. I have started new organizations focused on early childhood programming. Throughout my professional career "giving back" and community engagement has been essential to my personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Lastly, I have a B.A degree, Tufts University, and an Ed.M degree, Harvard Graduate School of Education: concentration; Administration, Planning, & Social Policy.

Eleanor Roberts

Hello, I’m Eleanor. I'm the head verger at St. Luke's, which means that I lead and coordinate the acolytes that help with our worship services. I am an (almost) cradle Episcopalian, and the vast majority of my worship history has been at St. Luke’s. My life outside of church is being a civil engineer, a singer, and a lover of art and nature.

As a member of the vestry, inclusivity is my main goal. I cherish the connections that I have at St. Luke's and I want this to be a space where everyone feels seen and supported. Another interest of mine is liturgy. The language that we use in prayer shapes how we think of God, each other, and even ourselves; I support efforts to modernize church language while still keeping the gravitas that's fitting for a Cathedral.

Mary Linneman

I’ve been a member of the Cathedral for almost 15 years, having been attracted to St. Luke’s Church by its worship, welcoming environment, community involvement, and of course the beauty of the cathedral and its music. Since that time, I’ve come to know and appreciate the diverse congregation and the role the Cathedral plays in the Episcopal community in Maine.

I retired four years ago after teaching for many years in the Portland Public Schools. Having more time has given me the opportunity to become more involved in Outreach opportunities at St. Luke’s. Working with the Food Pantry, St. Elizabeth’s Essentials Pantry and Family Promise has given me the opportunity to get to know some of our neighbors. My involvement with Public Policy and Environmental Team (known as PPEAT) and the former Becoming Beloved Community has allowed me to join with other congregants to work toward effecting positive change on the local and state level. I’ve found that being at St. Luke’s is a pathway to help make a difference in our community.

Being a member of the vestry allows me to continue to share my ideas and my commitment to our church, especially as St. Luke’s evolves in our quest for a new Dean. I’m optimistic that this process will benefit and strengthen our Cathedral, and I’d like to be part of it.

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