Who We Are

St. Luke’s is an active, diverse, faith community that has been serving the people of Portland and the Diocese of Maine for more than 150 years. No matter who you are or where you might be in your spiritual life, you are welcome here!

Our 1867 cathedral is a historic treasure, filled with art and beauty including the American Madonna by Jean LaFarge and the Stations of the Cross by Portland artist Don Meserve. Our 1905 Emmanuel Chapel is remarkable in its architecture and intimate and beautiful space. Both the nave and chapel are frequently used for concerts, weddings, funerals, and other events for the Portland Community Our Christmas and Easter Worship Services, our Evensong Services, and choir are renowned across Maine. Our 1928 Skinner Organ is one of the best in the city and our organist and organ recitals are world-class.

We host a wide variety of worship services (both online and in-person). We offer education and spiritual formation for Pre-K through Adult, partner with other churches for both Portland and Diocesan-wide youth ministries (grades 6-12), and have our own young adult (20s/30s program) and adult programs. We have dynamic pastoral care and fellowship programs that reach out to nursing homes and hospitals.

We are home to two pantries, an active ministry to Haiti, and many other services to the wider community. We are welcoming to all and have been at the forefront of Marriage Equality, Immigration, Health care, Refugee Rights, Environmental Concerns, and other areas, often leading at city-wide events and activities.

We have over 50 concerts and music or arts events over the year and are the home of the Portland Rossini Club and the concert venue for many Portland-area groups including Renaissance Voices, the St. Mary Schola, and the Maine Pops. Our nave has been used for art shows, lectures, presentations, and other community events.