Stewardship and Giving

Pledging for 2024 Stewardship Campaign

Rooted in Faith, Nurturing Community: Thriving Together in Transition

Though St. Luke’s is blessed with an endowment account, our operating income comes primarily through donations from members and friends of the cathedral. Stewardship is the spiritual discipline of giving of time, talent, and treasure to help build the Kingdom of God, and specifically, support the mission and ministry of the cathedral.

A helpful way to do this is by making a pledge, a promise to support the cathedral over the course of the year. Pledges help us make our budget, plan ahead, and do our best to serve God and our fellow human beings. There are, of course, a multitude of ways to support St. Luke’s, described below.

To make a pledge, you can either download a form, fill out the details and mail it to our mailing address:

P.O. Box 4141, Portland, Maine 04101.

Or you can now complete an Online Pledge Form and send it by clicking the Submit Button.

Lesser Chapter Generosity Declaration

Lesser Chapter Generosity Declaration*, September 2023
In a generous, loving, and self-giving God; all that we are and all that we have comes from God; God has been generous to us so that we can be generous to others;
we are a society challenged by addictive, self-destructive relationships with money and
possessions; and Christ longs to set us free from this bondage and restore us to life-giving relationships with God, one another, and creation.

Staying close to Jesus, who is the one who revitalizes and transforms us;
discerning God’s will for our lives through the holy habits of daily prayer, study, weekly
worship, observing the Sabbath, tithing, and other intentional spiritual practices;
living enthusiastically, sharing ourselves and our gifts from God to be instruments of God’s reconciling love in the world; giving to God the first portion of our time, talent, money, and all our resources — not merely the leftovers.
To dare to imagine, initiate, and create personal and corporate ministries that can be
outward and visible signs of God’s kingdom on earth.
Our church family to join us in this lifelong, joyful, transforming, and liberating response to God’s call to us.
* Adapted from the Standing Commission on Stewardship and Development, Report to the 75th General Episcopal Convention and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington

Ways to Give

Accessing Your Realm Profile


The Cathedral’s new online database, Realm, is a useful tool for parishioners to manage their contact and pledging information.Realm helps our community by improving our record keeping in a more streamlined fashion.

When joining Realm you can sign-up to be a part of the online directory in the database.

Please note that in order to log in to Realm, you must first activate your profile, which ensures that the database can have an additional level of security for all.

To activate your Realm profile please contact our financial administrator Nina Andersen.

Nina will assist you with the few steps necessary to access your profile.

We look forward to sharing this exciting new technology with you!

Our mission is to put our Faith in Action through our social and community outreach programs. Your donation will help support such programs as the St. Luke’s Food Pantry, our Haiti-Maine Partnership ministry, and our Community Kitchen (among other outreach programs). Your generosity allows our work in the diocese, the greater Portland area, and the world to continue.

Thank you for considering a donation to the Cathedral Church of St. Luke. We give thanks for all that God has given us.

Below is a list of ways to contribute or make your pledge to St Luke’s. Whatever method you choose, we thank you and appreciate your support. If you have any questions, please call the church at (207) 772-5434 and speak with the Treasurer.

Planned Giving

Estate planning, tax issues, and other end-of-life decisions seem so daunting to so many people that fully 60 percent of Americans die without making a will. We are constantly reminded that each of us needs to plan for our future well-being, and for our heirs.

To help parishioners of Saint Luke’s navigate these complicated issues, our Stewardship Committee has prepared this introductory explanation, intended to provide you with some basic information on Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning tools with St. Luke’s in mind, if that is your desire.

At St. Luke's there are financial planners who would be happy to meet with you personally or at least provide you with a framework to consider planned giving. Please contact our office at (207) 772-5434 or email our office administrator for a referral, all in strict confidence. Thank you.

Specific Programs You Can Support