Attending the White House and the Signing of the Respect for Marriage Act


Last Friday, December 9, I received the most surprising email of my life, from the the White House Social Office. I was invited to the Signing of the Respect for Marriage Act. I knew why I’d received it: I’ve devoted decades of work for LGBTQ+ inclusion and justice, including Chairing the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry Act in Massachusetts during the years of struggle to secure marriage equality.  Without hesitation Sam and I made plans to fly to D.C. for the Tuesday ceremony.  There we joined a cast of thousands gathered in joy, gratitude, and celebration.  As I was pushing to get closer to where the speakers were, a gentleman reminded me, “We are all here.” “But I’m short, I protested. “But we are ALL HERE! “ he said again. And we were, we were all there.  The speeches were profound and heartfelt, President Biden’s most of all. At one point many of  us turned to wave at the cameras rolling behind us. “Why are we waving?” someone asked, and then answered himself, “Oh, we are waving to America.”  And at last, at last, we felt America waving back.  Alleluia!