We Are Transitioning Our Communications In-House

To increase efficiency and improve our offerings to the congregation and outreach to the wider community, I have decided to transition away from TOCmedia and move our communications in-house, with Avery Schott, our parish administrator, increasing his hours from 30 to 40 hours a week to take on this additional responsibility. 

Avery comes to us with these skills and is enthusiastic about taking this on. We plan to wrap up our work with TOCmedia at the end of August, using the time between now and then for training for Avery and the putting together of a communications team that will assist him in this work. 

Communication is a large task, and to be successful we need your help! We specifically need volunteers willing to take on specific tasks such as helping proof the bulletin and epistle, overseeing St. Luke’s social media (Facebook and Instagram), and doing public relations with the wider community (including things like public service announcements, ads, etc.), helping with printed material and items such as banners for the front, and otherwise offering support and helping with planning for our communication and marketing efforts. 

If you are interested and able to help in any of these areas please email Avery Schott or call the parish office at 207-772-5434. We will continue to use the marketing@cathedralofstluke.org email address as the place to send content that people want to be publicized. 

The only way to make this work is to be firm with Wednesday at noon as the latest deadline to make sure your information is included in the bulletin. To ensure that your content is included in the Thursday epistle, please send it to the marketing email address a week before the publishing date. 

I thank Tracy O’Clair and TOCmedia for their work with us over the past year and thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we continue to improve the cathedral’s communications.