Stewardship Campaign 2023

Greetings from your Stewardship Committee!

It’s fall, St. Luke’s has had its Start Up Sunday, and a new school year has begun. That means we look ahead to the beginning of a new annual Stewardship Campaign for St. Luke’s Cathedral for 2023. This Campaign is an essential part of maintaining St. Luke’s financial health and enables it to carry out its worship, missions and ministries.

The Campaign will get underway by mailing stewardship packages to each St. Luke’s member around the middle of October. The packages will contain a letter, pledge card and information about Stewardship at St. Luke’s 2023. It will be easier than ever to make your pledge, on paper or online.

Due to rising costs, our goal for 2023 is $490,000, about a 5% increase from our goal for 2022. We ask that after you carefully consider what St. Luke’s means to you and the wider community, you complete your pledge cards and return them to St. Luke’s on or before All Saints Day, Sunday November 6. More information will follow.


Dan McDonald, Stewardship Chair