Providing Funds for Basic Commodities in Haiti

Haiti-Maine Partnership

Many people have seen the in-depth article in the New York Times about the hidden history of Haiti’s misery. This remarkable piece of research makes it clear why we and many other groups are doing what we can to alleviate some of the sufferings. Over the last two centuries, Haiti has been prevented from investing in its schools, hospitals, roads, and other essential human services and infrastructure. This was often accomplished at gunpoint by stronger nations who had economic incentives to extract as much wealth from Haiti as possible.

Today Saint Luke’s is trying to provide as much support as possible to one community in the rural countryside. We have provided money for school lunches, teacher salaries, scholarships for the neediest children, and a safety cover for the water cistern so they can store rainwater. While maintaining contact with our community, we also try to give them control over decision-making.

This spring the school director has asked us to provide money for a printer which he needs for writing school reports. Until now he has driven his motorbike into Leogane to use a printer there. This is expensive and it is not the best use of his time. He has also told us that the kitchen area is badly in need of repairs. This kitchen consists of sheet metal fastened to sticks in the dirt. The cooks prepare food for 100 children over a campfire on the ground in that sheet metal shelter. Now the posts are rotting and it is time to upgrade a little bit.

Providing funds for these basic commodities helps in a small way to raise the quality of life for people who struggle every day. St. Luke’s Cathedral is making a real difference in the world, as well as at home. Thank you to all of you who are keeping our Haitian partners in your prayers and have supported us over the years!

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