PPEAT: D064 Endorsement

General Convention 2022 passed a number of creation care resolutions, including D064 Endorse and Encourage Green Deal Legislation. Among other things, D064 urges “all Episcopalians to advocate for our governments to address environmental and ecological issues, not least the Green New Deal and other associated “Green Deals,” to be defined as “broad and ambitious packages of new policies and investments in communities, infrastructure, and technology to help communities, regions, and nations achieve environmental sustainability and economic stability” and to “to support regulation of major polluting industries, including cryptocurrencies, industry, and agriculture, as well as transitioning to a green economy.”

The Public Policy and Environmental Action Team, therefore, urges all to contact President Biden, Senator King, Senator Collins, and Rep. Pingree to advocate for the above. This is especially vital following the Supreme Court decision that severely limits the EPA’s ability to regulate climate change. Congressional legislation can withstand such challenges. Senator King is Episcopalian, so by all means mention this resolution.