Calling All Worship Participants

Smoke, fire, streamers, and sticks…who wouldn’t want to play with those, especially in church?

The Cathedral Church of St. Luke’s has a long tradition of using incense, torches, streamers, banners, processional crosses, and verges (those symbolic “sticks” that the vergers carry).

With the retirement of two invaluable head vergers, Thurl Headen and David Savage, we’ve entered a rebuilding and recruitment mode. We’re seeking people of any age who would like to serve in one of the following roles:

Vergers – think stage managers

Crucifers – carrying the processional cross

Torchbearers – carrying the torches in the processions

Thurifers – carrying/swinging the censor to emit the incense

Boat bearers – carry the incense to be added to the censor

Streamer bearers – those who create magic with streamers in processions

Banner bearers – those who carry banners representing aspects of the Diocese

Acolytes – the training ground and ministry of all of the above

Love them or hate them, traditions are important. They bring familiarity and comfort, the occasional eye roll, and when things are really hopping, an occasional laugh as something goes awry. We’re not perfect, nor are we expected to be. We’re called to engage in ministry that brings glory to God and God’s people.

My earliest memories in the Episcopal Church as a child included being taught to bow as the processional cross passed by in the procession. Even today, as a deacon in the procession, I find great comfort in keeping my eyes on the processional cross as a reminder that we are about the business of following Jesus.

Think about whether you’re being called to serve in one of the roles listed above. Pray about it. Training is provided and your ministry in this capacity is deeply appreciated and needed. For more questions, please call or email me or call 207-441-7155. You can also contact Maggie Gardner or call her at 617-921-1266.  We are hoping to hear from you soon.


Deacon Rebecca