A Letter from Avery Schott, St. Luke’s New Parish Administrator

Hello to the Cathedral of St. Luke Community,

My name is Avery Schott and I have the absolute privilege to serve as your new parish administrator. Lynne England has left behind a true legacy of grace, hard work, kindness, and commitment to this wonderful place. I hope that I can continue upon the strong foundation that she has built and help to be in ministry with you to the best of my capabilities.

This is a period of change in the Cathedral both with the arrival of new faces such as myself and our new music director, Christian, along with the departure of our wonderful Canon Rev. Eleanor Prior. I hope that I can be involved closely with all of you as we navigate these new changes here at the cathedral and that I can be an advocate for you in the incredible outreach and work that makes this space a vibrant and thriving location in the middle of downtown Portland.

In working with our staff and clergy we have determined some processes that would help the day-to-day operation of the cathedral on my behalf so that we are properly documenting and scheduling all that happens in this building and beyond.

Bulletin and E-pistle

We would ask that any and all inquiries surrounding each week’s bulletin be sent to the following email: marketing@cathedralofstluke.org simply as a way to streamline any and all communications so that they are not missed. I am going to be personally working with Tracy O’Clair of TOCmedia to instill that we are properly communicating what the needs of our community are.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our communication, we need to adhere to deadlines in a timely manner each week. If you would like for a note about your ministry to be included in the bulletin or the weekly E-Pistle, it needs to be sent to the above email address no later than noon on Wednesday of the previous week. For example, if you are submitting material to be included Sunday, July 3rd, we need to be notified on the email address no later than June 29th at noon.

I absolutely understand that the needs of this community are ever-evolving and at points, we need to pivot at a moment’s notice. If you have questions or major concerns please contact me via the office phone at (207)-772-5434 or by email at office@cathedralofstluke.org.

Building Use Forms

Another area that we would like to have more standardized practices is surrounding the use of our building and how we go about booking those spaces. For the purpose of consistency, we would ask that any and all groups that would like to use any of the spaces in the Cathedral please fill out the Building Use Application. These forms will also be available in the office. If you have questions surrounding this please contact me with the phone number and email address listed above.

Please know that I am here as a resource for you and hope to do everything in my abilities to support you. I ask you for the same patience, understanding, and respect that you showed towards Lynne. I look forward to working alongside all of you.


Avery Schott
Parish Administrator