A Life of Song at St. Luke's: A Choir Member's Perspective by Curtis Maurand, Tenor

“The first time I came to St. Luke’s was on Christmas Eve of 1999. I heard the choir and knew that I had to be a part of the group. The beauty of their sound was magical. Music to me is an expression of God’s love and beauty. Singing in the choir is a way for me to help express that beauty to the congregation. Music-making at St. Luke’s feeds my soul. I get to be surrounded by so many talented singers, conductors, organists, and fellow musicians. What we can create together is our way to give back to the community. We help to lead the congregation not just through music, but by being in communion together with music as the agent to do so. The singing in response from the congregation feeds us.

I began serving at St. Luke’s as a crucifer in 2000. I remember hearing a call and response with the choir and the congregation, the energy of sound washed over me. I have grown musically through singing at St. Luke’s over the past twenty-one years. Music making at St. Luke’s has connected me further with the musical community in Portland and greater Maine. I am deeply committed and grateful to the St. Luke’s music program for being such an intricate part of my life.

St. Luke’s is always continuing to grow musically, I cannot wait to take part in where the choir can go in the future both liturgically and in the wider arts community.”