En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Evidence that global warming is caused by human activity is incontrovertible. Is there any hope that global warming can be arrested? What would it take to achieve the 2015 Paris Climate Accords goal to limit the average global temperature rise to well below 2°C (ideally, 1.5°C)?

This Climate Workshop will encourage participants to suggest specific climate change interventions, such as incentivizing electric car use, expanding renewable energy capacity, implementing a carbon tax, planting more forests, etc., and then use a powerful climate modelling tool, En-ROADS, to explore the potential benefits and impacts of these actions on the earth’s climate. We’ll learn which actions have substantial impacts and appreciate in what particular ways. And we’ll aim to  find a set of actions that will meet the Paris Accord goal!

En-ROADS (Energy-Rapid Overview and Decision-Support) is a public-domain, global climate model that is used around the world by governments, businesses, universities, and the public to assess the effectiveness of specific actions to mediate climate change. You can learn more about En-ROADS here: https://www.climateinteractive.org/

-Sam Allen, En-ROADS Climate Ambassador


About the Speaker: Sam Allen lives in Portland, Maine and is an active member of the Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Portland and its Public Policy and Environmental Action Team (PPEAT). He became an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador in 2021. 

The event is finished.


Sep 25 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Cathedral Church of St. Luke, 143 State Street, Portland, Maine 04101