About Being a Cathedral

For the worship of the Triune God: The primary function of any Cathedral Church is to speak of God in whose service it was raised, to be a place for those who celebrate and for those who mourn, to be a station in the personal journeys of all who come for reflection, growth, inspiration, service, shelter and rest.

We pray that Saint Luke’s will give its members and every visitor a vision of the character of the One to be worshiped as the God of love, compassion, joy and great power.

To the people who attend here: The Saint Luke’s Cathedral is both Cathedral and Parish Church, and, as such, has three very distinctive ministries—to its people, to its city and to its diocese. From its founding, Saint Luke’s has supported the life and ministry of active parishioners who look to the Cathedral clergy and staff for pastoral care and sacramental ministry.

Parish life remains a central ministry of the Cathedral. Great diversity marks the character of Cathedral life as all sorts and conditions meet here to worship, pray, work, and find a supportive fellowship.

To the City of Portland: The Cathedral also has a strong sense of ministry to the city in which it stands.

Many support groups use the Cathedral space each week. Cathedral Arts and musical presentations are often scheduled.

Our pantries and soup kitchen help to feed thousands of hungry people each year. Our place in the city of Portland is to be a center for human services, education, exhibits, festivals, arts, prayer, and vigils, as well as pastoral care and support for those in need beyond our own members.

To the Diocese of Maine: Taking its name from the cathedral or Bishop’s Chair, the Cathedral Church of Saint Luke stands at the center of Diocesan life and is a symbol of unity, which emerges from the ministry of the bishop.

In that sense, we are the bishop’s base camp and support him weekly in prayer as he travels the roads of Maine to serve the year-round congregations and chapels in his care. The Diocese uses the space for conventions, ordinations, and other major services of worship, as well as smaller events and activities.

The Diocesan Resource Center for Education is found here.

At the center of its Diocesan ministry, the Cathedral observes regular daily prayer and scheduled weekly Eucharists and prayer for God’s blessing on the life and work of the people and the clergy of Maine.