St. Luke’s Columbarium

Welcome to the St. Luke’s Columbarium!

Please join us in a very special moment at St. Luke’s as we introduce and launch the new Columbarium at the Cathedral.

The enclosed brochure will describe and explain some of the details and give you an overall sense of the project. And, much more detail, along with answers to questions you may have, is readily available from Columbarium Committee members.

We are now taking orders and already have had a significant amount of interest.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you. For ordering information, pricing details, and reservation forms, please contact the Cathedral office at 772-5434 to be referred to a Columbarium Committee representative.

Sincerely and in Peace,



The columbarium dedication took place the afternoon of June 20th. It was a reunion, with many St. Luke’s members returning for the first time after Covid. It was a regathering of friends, a celebration of those gone before, and a sense of the new life that is beginning today.

The meaning and beauty of the service was expressed so well by David Fernald who with Muffie returned from their new home in Maryland to be with us. The columbarium, he said, was not about death, but about life and our hope in eternal life, and our eternal home with God and with those we love in this place we love.  It was a wonderful description of our life together as a family and a church.


Why choose the Columbarium or Memorial Garden? With ever-increasing decisions to select cremation for ourselves or our loved ones, choosing St. Luke’s as an eternal resting place offers a permanent and sacred home for the departed, a powerful balance between God and Soul—forever.

Combined with simplicity and a quiet and peaceful beauty, St. Luke’s brings us to an age-old custom of interring loved ones near the church where they might have been baptized, married, or nurtured in their faith. The Columbarium or Memorial Garden offers a visible and memorable link between those gone before us and our church family, enabling family and friends to pay their respects and refresh their loving remembrances.


The Columbarium is located in the cloister, a covered walk with the outside wall of Emmanuel Chapel on one side and the colonnade on the other. Combined with the Bishop’s Garden, this location ensures that the columbarium will be part of our Cathedral and church community forever, a serene outdoor setting for worship and prayer, private contemplation, remembrance, and reflection—a peaceful place for those who have gone before us.


The Columbarium rises from a pre-cast sandstone base, centered with a historic stone cross recovered from St. Luke’s/St. Stephen’s Church.

On both sides of this beautiful cross are two columns, each about 6 feet tall and faced with five cast bronze faceplates. Each column is topped with a pre-cast sandstone cap.

Finally, the columns, attached to the brick chapel wall, are surrounded by a brick framework to combine the entire structure into a single unit, keeping it consistent with the chapel and cloister architecture.


A reserved space in St. Luke’s Columbarium can be purchased by completing reservation forms. Each niche holds one person’s “cremains.”


The Memorial Garden is an alternative for those who wish to have their ashes simply put in the ground. No urns or containers are used and specific locations are not marked. Instead, names are remembered on a plaque in the Cloister.

The Memorial Garden is located in the Bishop’s Garden between Loring House and the Cloister of the Cathedral. The “Bishop’s Garden” is a place of special significance and beauty that serves as a source of rest, reflection, and prayer.


The Columbarium and Memorial Garden are open to all members of the Cathedral and the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, as well as members of the wider community, with the approval of the Bishop or Dean.

FMI: Download the brochure or call the St Luke’s Cathedral Office:  207-772-5434