Prayers for Healing

Prayers for Healing offered weekly at the 10 am Sunday Eucharist

At the 10 am service each Sunday, all are invited to receive prayers of healing after receiving communion. You may seek prayers of healing or thanksgiving for yourself or for someone else when you are prompted to seek help beyond yourself. Why you are seeking prayers of healing or thanksgiving could be temporary or ongoing and could be about illness, a threatening situation or problem, a loss, a worry about yourself or a loved one, or thanksgiving for some healing already received.

In All Saints’ Chapel, you will be met by two members of the Cathedral Healing Team. They will take you through a simple order of service called, “The Laying on of Hands with Prayers for Healing.” They may put their hands gently on your shoulders or the top of your head and use holy oil to anoint you as they pray prayers specifically about the situation that brought you. Praying in this way, and especially, having prayers said over you in the way, you no longer carry your burdens alone. The results are sometimes ordinary and subtle, and sometimes they are extraordinary and powerful.

What does healing mean?

Healing is not usually an all-at-once event. Healing is a process. The service of healing offered at the Cathedral help people enter into the process of healing in a unique way. It offers them an opportunity

  • to speak about their needs
  • to experience being heard by another person
  • to be touched intentionally and caringly by human hands
  • to hear prayers that acknowledge a specific situation and speaks to the power of God, which can bring meaning and hope into the situation.

The result is not always a “cure,” but is always some kind of healing. The result also affords a clearer understanding of the difference.

The privacy of the space and words exchanged, in combination with the public nature of the healing service as a regular part of the Eucharist, makes this opportunity of healing part of the larger life of the church. Those who make intentions for healing are prayed for anonymously during the Prayers of the People, and the congregation often offers individual prayers for those in the healing service. What is shared in the healing service remains under the strictest confidence.

Some shared comments from those who have found benefit:

” I leave with a sense of comfort”

” I have gone on behalf of others…comfort & support for them”

I have seen the effect healing prayer can have- I can be quite remarkable!”

” I prefer an eclectic approach – both science and faith…. I then feel that I have done all I can do.”

” The experience draws great awareness to the need…. in a good way.”

If you have questions about the healing service or the Healing Team, please contact John Leddy at