Parish Life Committees

Pastoral Care and Eucharistic Visitors Committee

  • Serving the congregation in times of need:

The Pastoral Care Ministry Team is made up of parishioners especially called to the role of caregiving.

We work in close collaboration with the clergy to convey the caring presence of the Cathedral family by offering emotional and practical assistance to the congregation.

Our activities include visiting parishioners who are shut-in, whether in homes, nursing homes, or hospitals and supporting with special attention to the particular needs of caregivers. Cards, phone calls, meals, and rides are also activities we offer as needed.

If you or someone you know is in need of any form of pastoral care, please call the church office.

This includes illnesses, hospitalizations, prayer requests, etc. This information will then be passed on to the clergy and the Pastoral Care Committee.

A special sub-unit of our team is the Eucharistic Visitors Team, whose members take the sacrament from the Sunday Service to those who are shut in.

To learn more please contact:

Pat & Fred Fowler                  883-2093

Co-Chairs, Pastoral Care

Prayer Shawl Knitters

As the Prayer Shawl Knitters, we use our skills and joy of knitting to handcraft special prayer shawls.

Each prayer shawl we craft receives a blessing from and is then passed to the people of the Pastoral Care Ministry, who give the prayer shawl to a parishioner in need of spiritual comfort. Come knit with us!

If you would like to use your knitting skills to bless our congregation in this way, please contact Helen Smith at 772-7057.

Building and Grounds Committee

A great team that helps to take care of the grounds and the cathedral.

Learn more about how you might become involved by contacting Sam Allen (

Coffee Hour Committee

Every Sunday throughout the school year we gather for coffee after the 10 AM services. Coffee and treats offered by the various committees and guilds are offered.

To learn more about how you might become involved contact Shari Shambaugh at

Service Stewardship-

Time & Talent Treasures.

There are many opportunities to get involved at St Luke’s Cathedral.

Contact the guild or committee chairs if you have a specific interest or for the big picture view of all the committees, people involved and to discuss where you skillset may be the greatest benefit contact Dan McDonald (

Holiday Fair

This annual event is held in November and is a primary fundraiser for the Cathedral. Planning begins months before the event. The event is held in the nave and requires a great deal of organizing and volunteers.

To learn more contact Dawn Brennan Daly (