Living Stones

St Luke’s Cathedral Capital Campaign

For nearly 150 years, St. Luke’s has extended its reach and met the changing needs of the community.

Clearly, the Cathedral building is a powerful mission tool for our formative weekly worship, our Sunday school and youth classes, St. Elizabeth’s Essentials Pantry, and our 20+ mission groups.

If St. Luke’s is to continue to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community and diocese, it is essential to maintain the building’s structural integrity and to renovate areas worn down by time and use.

We need the help of everyone in our community to maintain the foundation that supports our extensive ministry. We hope you will make a significant impact on this campaign.

Those who have come before us have done their part to make St. Luke’s what it is today.

We now have the opportunity to join them in perpetuating this institution so vital to her congregation and to her mission.

We thank you for your continued leadership, commitment to our mission, and generosity.

The Living Stones Brochure

The Living Stones Pledge Form

The Living Stones Capital Campaign PDF

Photo by Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer at the Portland Press Herald.

Update on the Living Stones Capital Campaign

September 29, 2016

Our re-dedication of the Rose Window on September 18 was a wonderful celebration of the work that has been completed as part of Phase One of the construction plan. What happens next? Cash flow projections indicate that we will likely have the bulk of the Phase One work paid for by January. Planning for Phase Two of construction is currently underway as we predict cash flow based on incoming pledge payments to be fulfilled over the next five years. The Vestry is working with the Buildings & Grounds Committee to prioritize the additional structural and program space improvements needed in the building as outlined in the Living Stones Capital Campaign Case Statement, which can be found HERE.
Thanks for your continued patience and support as we repair and improve our Cathedral, and please stay tuned for more updates!
Claire Hammen and John Watson
Capital Campaign Co-chairs
To read our front page feature on the Rose Window unveiling in the Portland Press Herald, click HERE.