Guilds and Committees for Worship

There are a number of groups and individuals who make worship possible at St. Luke’s. While everyone who arrives for worship is a “participant” in worship, there are leaders who take on special roles before, during and after the service.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild helps adorn and ready the alter and chapel for services.

We work in teams of two that are assigned a weekend a month where on a Friday or Saturday (agreed on time between the team members) to clean and ready the church for services.

On the Sunday or day of a service we will arrive an hour before to finish final preparations of the alter, feast, vestments, and place the numbers for hymns.

Twice a year we have a luncheon party to help polish and get to know the other team members.

Sarah Robinson    Cell-207-749-4494

Rita Siavelis     207-272-5520

Flower Guild

The mission of the Flower Guild is to beautify the Cathedral, reverently and tastefully, to the glory of God.

The Flower Guild exhibits its flower arrangements on the high altar, the lower altar, the font, Emmanuel Chapel and throughout the Cathedral during the church year except for the season of Lent. Special seasons of celebration, Christmas, and Easter, always show a magnificent display of creative arrangement and new ideas. And, we welcome more thoughts from anyone who might be interested in floral expression.

The Guild maintains no specific operating budget but depends primarily on donations. As such, flower arrangements are generally funded by individuals or families who want to remember or celebrate the relationships they have had with their loved ones.

Throughout the year many of the arrangements each week are seasonal in nature, but specific donations are tailored to requests from individual donors for a particular celebration or remembrance, in keeping with the liturgical season.

The Flower Guild offers a degree of beauty and celebration to our weekly worship times and we welcome anyone who would like to participate in this fun (we will take you twigging) and very satisfying experience. Please call the office to request more information or to volunteer and you will reach the right person.

Please contact Nancy Armitage (narmi3464@aol) or Muffie Fernald ( for more information or to volunteer.


Vergers are laypersons who serve the church through a ministry of service centered on the liturgies. Their efforts, under the direction of the Dean of the Cathedral and the Head Verger, include coordination of the Eucharistic Ministers, Acolytes, and scheduling training events.

The verger, the protector of the procession, provides the clergy logistical support in order that worship can occur more smoothly.

The Verger’s motto “Service in Worship and Worship through Service” manifests itself today in a ministry of welcome.

Eucharistic Minister

Layperson authorized to administer the consecrated Elements at a Celebration of Holy Eucharist.


Serving as Torch, Banner, and Crucifer carriers, these older youth and adults orient worshippers to different changes in the flow of the liturgy.  Acolytes are lay people assisting in worship by carrying the processional cross, leading the gospel procession assisting at the time of communion, and lighting and extinguishing candles.

If you or your children would like to learn more about volunteering and participate in any of these roles please contact Thurl Headen (


A trained group of over sixty men, women, and a few teens are assigned the reading of the Lessons and the Prayers of the People during the Sunday 10:00 AM, Evensong, and other special services.  The lessons are to be rehearsed in advance so that the meaning of the text can be better understood by the congregation.  Readers at the 7:30, 5:15 and weekday services are chosen by clergy at the time.

To learn more please contact Susan McCuller (


A group of highly gifted vocalists, the choir, led by Cathedral Musician Albert Melton, provide choral leadership throughout the liturgy, but also offer another means of prayer and praise through their anthems.  In addition to Sunday worship, the choir sings at special services including the first Sunday Evensong from November to June annually.

To learn more about the choir and if you have an interest in auditioning please contact: Albert Melton (

Prayers for Healing

-offered weekly at the 10 am Sunday Eucharist

At the 10 am service each Sunday, all are invited to receive prayers of healing after receiving communion. You may seek prayers of healing or thanksgiving for yourself or for someone else when you are prompted to seek help beyond yourself. Why you are seeking prayers of healing or thanksgiving could be temporary or ongoing and could be about illness, a threatening situation or problem, a loss, a worry about yourself or a loved one, or thanksgiving for some healing already received.

Read more here  or contact John Leddy (


The ushers assist at the 10:00am service and a variety of other services throughout the year by:

  • Greeting people as they enter the Nave and handing out the program
  • Collecting the Offertory
  • Assisting with Communion.

To learn more and to volunteer please contact Anna Messmer (


a Protestant, monastic community in Taizé, France, formed after World War II, is dedicated to reconciliation between peoples and to fostering unity within the church. The service is composed of candlelight, icons, short readings, intervals of silence and contemplative chants.

To learn more contact Brenda Tubby Chandler at