Greater Portland Family Promise

Family Promise is a program designed to transition families out of the shelter into housing.

During that transition the families live in religious structures for a week at a time. St Luke’s hosts families approximately four weeks a year.

We rely on volunteers to provide meals and to set up beds and create comfortable living spaces for the families.

If you are interested in becoming involved in Family Promise please feel free to call Connie Bingham at 415-1441 or Lynne England at 772-5434.

Greater Portland Family Promise (GPFP) aims to provide homeless families in the Greater Portland, Maine area with basic human needs—shelter, safety, and sustenance—with a spirit of warmth and hospitality. Although the City of Portland has a family shelter that serves up to 151 individuals, the shelter is frequently at capacity leaving additional families without a place to stay while they seek permanent housing.

Guests go to a day center during the day for case management while children attend school and others go to jobs. This is an opportunity for volunteering and for getting to know our homeless neighbors.

Greater Portland Family Promise, an affiliate of the national Family Promise program, is dedicated to addressing the needs of families facing homelessness in the Greater Portland, Maine area. Through an interfaith network and connections with existing community resources, Family Promise provides housing, meals, case management and community for children and their families experiencing homelessness.

GPFP will serve up to 4 families (14 individuals maximum) at a time. Families who are guests in the program are provided food, shelter, case management, and hospitality as they work to find sustainable housing, employment, childcare, and educational opportunities.

To learn more about this wonderful program visit the GPFP website here.