Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups

Foyer groups are a special feature of life at St. Luke’s. You may already have heard of them but wondered about their origin.

Foyer groups started at St. Luke’s in 1976 and are patterned after a concept developed at Coventry Cathedral in England. The word ‘foyer’ refers to a hearth, vestibule, or a warm, welcoming place. Many people have commented that St. Luke’s seems to be a very friendly place—many of us attribute that to the fact that we have gotten to know each other through being part of a Foyers group.

Many long term members have participated for years and use Foyer groups as a way to get to know newcomers in the church in a more personal and informal way. Newcomers report that they have felt right at home once they join a Foyer group. Friendships often last beyond the life of the Foyer group. And sometimes you finally get to know that person who’s been sitting in front of you for years!

What are they? At St. Luke’s, Foyer groups have come to be small, informal groups that gather on a regular basis (usually monthly) in the participants’ homes for a light meal and relaxed conversation. They are a pot-pourri of parish folk—individuals, couples, old and young, urban and rural dwellers, old-timers and newcomers. Individuals and couples sign up in the fall and are connected to others in groups of six to eight people. They often serve as an invitation to form closer relationships with others in our Cathedral community. Every effort is made to include everyone and to mix the groups so that we meet people we might not otherwise connect with in the worship setting.

When and where?  Each group is different. Some meet after church on Sundays, some on Sunday evenings, and others meet on Saturday evenings. Some have been known to gather at restaurants or to have a picnic at a convenient spot.

Format? You decide as a group how you want to operate.  Most meet more or less monthly for a soup/ sandwich/ casserole meal. The goal is a relaxed, informal gathering for the purpose of getting to know one another better. They are an important form of outreach to others within the Cathedral community and a way of living out our mission of being a welcoming community on life’s journey.

How do I join a group? In the fall a sign-up list is posted on the bulletin board for several weeks to encourage people to sign up. We will ask for your name, address, phone number and email address. From this master list groups are formed. Every group is different every year. Groups are welcome to add new people to the group during the year.

How will I find my group? Each group is assigned a convener who will organize the first meeting. Then as a group you decide when, where, and how often to meet.

It’s fun! It’s relaxing! Joining a Foyer group is a wonderful way to meet new people, explore new and old interests together, and to gain a new sense of belonging to the Cathedral community. Even if you haven’t been part of a group for a few years, this would be an ideal time to reconnect with others at St. Luke’s.

Join any time! Newcomers are welcome to form a new group or to join an ongoing group that has room.

Watch for the sign-up sheet! The master sign-up list will be posted in September and will remain on the bulletin board for several weeks to encourage broad participation. If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help, contact Anne Schink at 799-3112 or or Cynthia Fitzgerald at 774-3526 or