Arrange for Public Events

St. Luke’s priority for its building is for worship and church-related activities.

However, as an act of Christian hospitality and outreach and because we have been gifted with a beautiful space that is centrally located in Portland, we open our doors to the community for rental use at public and private events.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a clean, safe, and comfortable meeting space in our support of outside groups and their missions.

Please be aware that Cathedral events take precedence over regular meetings of groups outside the parish.  On a rare occasion, there may be a need to ask that you meet elsewhere.

Spaces available and details on occupancy,etc. are below.

You can download application and building guidelines here.

Please download the form, fill it out and submit it to the cathedral office.

Thank you.

Space Fee Occupancy Other Information
Nave $500 500 Primary worship space
Emmanuel Chapel $300 75 Secondary worship space
All Saints Chapel $50 10 Very small worship area
Upper Parish Hall $300 150 Large room, carpeted, high ceilings, kitchenette with dumbwaiter to kitchen and dishwasher downstairs
Lower Parish Hall/Kitchen $300 150 Large room, tile floors and pillars, next to kitchen located downstairs.
Oratory $50 15 Small, living room-like area located downstairs.
Chapter Room $50 25 Conference room with long, moveable table located downstairs.
Sunday School Rooms: $50 15 These rooms are dedicated to our Christian Education program, but can be used for small workshops or small group discussions. These rooms may not be cleaned out of their current supplies, but furniture may be moved around. All located downstairs.