The Old Testament Roots of Jesus Study: Where Our studies have led

We begin our own analyses of God’s persona by searching the Biblical messages of the 27 Old Testament book’s authors.

By considering the historic times, places, events and major personalities of each period we can begin to identify and interpret the major characteristics, attitudes and values that constitute YahWeh’s self- revelation. These 27 sessions will allow us to trace God’s personal evolution, better understand how God’s words addressed the historic periods in question, why He continued to provide new names for himself, and the timing for both the birth of both human beings and the Messiah, and the apocalyptic ending for His total plan for humanity, i.e., simultaneously, the end of the Bible. Join us in the Chapter Room from 8:45 until 9:45. a.m. on Sunday mornings. Bob Hanson, Biblical scholar. linguist and theologian leads our group. For more information call Bob at 207-405- 8250,

Activity units are distributed for each session. There are assigned readings from the Biblical books under consideration. The “journey is a joyous one.”

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