Stewardship as we travel onward: By John Bancroft

Travel in colonial times was hazardous. Ruts and potholes broke axles, damaged cargo and bruised passengers. Then around 1820 J L Macadam, a Scotsman in England, developed a better way to build roads. The roadbed was based on stones the size of large eggs. A layer of stones the size of cherries and a final layer of tiny stones followed. Once compressed they formed a strong, smooth, durable surface for safe travel.
Stewardship supporting St. Luke’s is a lot like Macadam’s approach.  Gifts come in many sizes and all are necessary. It takes many gifts to build a strong foundation for the ministry of the cathedral. Each of us plays a part.
If stewardship is a regular part of your life, thank you. If you haven’t pledged support in a while or perhaps never have, now is a great time to join the hundreds who do. Together we make a difference.

-John Bancroft

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