Proposed Communications Strategy: Cathedral Communications Group

The Cathedral Communications Group (CCG) will be a group of St. Luke’s volunteers who are committed to the support of our Cathedral Communications Specialist, Avery Schott, to ensure quality and consistency across all publications on the website, e-pistle, and community publications.

The CCG will be broken into 4 main task forces, allowing volunteers to participate at their comfort level.

These task forces pertain to:

1) Proofing, editing, and approving content

2) Social Media Involvement

3) Outside Publicity and Outreach

4) Appearance and Welcoming

If you are interested in learning more about the role of each task force, please read here.

Avery will coordinate the meetings and operations of these task forces, help to brainstorm ideas, implement web design, and create content. He will also continue to carry out duties of the parish administrator such as creating the bulletin, maintaining a weekly calendar, and offering support to staff and clergy. 

For those wishing to be a part of these task forces, please contact Avery via the parish communications email.

We look forward to making cathedral communications a community effort with your help!

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