Global Warming is a Reality. The Situation is not Hopeless.

September 28, 2022

-By Sam Allen, St. Luke’s parishioner and member of Public Policy and Environmental Action Team (PPEAT) For the past three weeks, St. Luke’s has joined churches around the world celebrating the 2022 Season of Creation. We’ve celebrated God’s creation of our earth, its beauty and its diversity of life forms, and we’ve acknowledged that humanity […]

Perspectives on the Earth and Creation from Various Faith Traditions

September 21, 2022

By Barbara Ryland, St. Luke’s Parishioner and member of the Public Policy and Environmental Action Team (PPEAT) For thousands of years, creation care and love for the Earth have been integral to many religions. Not only have the earliest traditions expressed reverence for creation, but also the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) as well […]

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