What is St. Elizabeth’s Pantry

November 11, 2022

St. Elizabeth’s is a low-barrier pantry serving non-food essentials to all those in need, including new Mainers and Mainers whose families have been here for generations.  It is a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine.  St. Luke’s generously shares their space with the Pantry. Each Tuesday morning the pantry is opened in the portico […]

Why do I volunteer at St. Elizabeth’s Essentials Pantry? A testimonial by Martha Parshley

November 11, 2022

Written by Martha Parshley, A St. Luke’s Parishioner and a St. Elizabeth’s Volunteer I have been volunteering at St. E’s since I retired. That makes it ten years now. Highlighting the Pantry for St. Luke’s has made me think about why I have been so committed to this service. What keeps me coming back. I […]

Why St. E’s: A Testimonial by Elizabeth Byrd Wood

November 11, 2022

A Testimonial by Elizabeth Byrd Wood, A St. Luke’s Parishioner and St. Elizabeth’s Volunteer I am a believer in “ant power.” Just like an ant colony, a collective effort by many people can bring about change.  As individuals, we can’t solve the problems of poverty, food insecurity, or homelessness single-handedly.  But by joining forces with others, we […]

Tuesday Mornings: A Testimonial by Gus Goodwin

November 11, 2022

Tuesday Mornings A Testimonial by Gus Goodwin, A St. Luke’s Parishioner and St. Elizabeth’s Volunteer Carmen, Christine, Sunday, Sarah, Christo, Lionel and Anthony are some of the names that I know. There are many more who I don’t know by name, but do know their faces. Week after week they come to St E’s in […]

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