A Christian Life of Faith: Signs and Thresholds Along the Way

So much of what we do at St. Luke’s is designed to help others. What about nurturing and exploring our own spiritual lives? What about our questions and struggles of faith, our relationship (or not) with God? 

Beginning September 18, Dean Shambaugh will lead a Sunday morning class called “A Christian Life of Faith: Signs and Thresholds Along the way.” 

From the Introduction: As we meander through life’s labyrinth, individually and in community, we gain insights and make connections between and across our faith experiences in the church and the world. 

Through them, we glean a glimpse of the dream God offers. Sometimes the path to reach it is clear; other times, it seems illusive. Fortunately for those of us who want help navigating our way, there are recognizable signs of maturing in our relationship with God. 

They are marks of our deepening knowledge and understanding, shaping our values and attitudes, and honing our practices and skills. Want to explore what this means? Join us at 9 am on Sundays starting on September 18. For more information, download the A Christian Life of Faith Booklet or contact the parish office.

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