St. Luke’s Mission

As a “believe out loud” community, St. Luke’s shares in the Episcopal Church’s mission “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Jesus Christ.”

As a cathedral, St. Luke’s is the seat of the bishop and the chief mission church of the Diocese and people of Maine.

As a congregation, St. Luke’s continues in its 143 year tradition of reaching out to the city and people of greater Portland.

The Cathedral Church of St. Luke is proud to be part of the 2 million member Episcopal Church USA and the 85 million member world-wide Anglican Communion.

Who We Are

What is St. Luke’s?

St. Luke’s is a cathedral – a place of worship, prayer, spiritual formation, and care that serves and transforms the city of Portland and the Diocese of Maine.

It is a center of learning, compassion, and growth; a beacon of hope and light; and place of gathering that welcomes all people and then sends them out to be and build the Kingdom of God.

It a place firmly grounded in the past, active in the present, and on the cutting edge of the future; with a spirituality formed in ancient practices and a theology for modern faith.

It is also a church, a community of people who come together for comfort and spiritual growth, for times of joy and times of sorrow, and for healing and for hope.

It is a thin place – a place where people can experience the holy in the sacraments in one another, where they discover who they are and whose they are, and where through the grace of Jesus Christ they can experience forgiveness, reconciliation and new life.

We who call St. Luke’s home believe in this place. We believe that people can find God and be empowered by God in this place.

We believe this can happen to you and invite you to join us on the next step of your spiritual journey.

See the Presiding Bishop’s video for a wonderful answer to what it means to be part of the Jesus movement.

What is the Episcopal Church?

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