Creation Care: Climate Action

Awareness. Stewardship. Educate. Eco-Justice.

Climate change, ocean acidification, water and food scarcity all present moral and practical crises for the world. Fortunately, the Anglican tradition has rich resources that can help us envision different ways of being human within God’s creation.

Creation care is the work of all Episcopalians, as the Book of Common Prayer continually reminds us. The Creation Care Team is a loosely organized group of parishioners who put caring into action in many ways.

Internally, during 2016 energy efficiency improvements involved exchanging incandescent light bulbs in the sanctuary for LEDs. This completes our bulb replacement project and should result in significant savings. Our water efficiency also improved with the installation of new low-flow toilets, saving an estimated 55,000 gallons per year. 

During Lent our periodic adult educational series, Spiritual Resources for Climate Action, explored “climate denial” and the Christian story as crucial to seeing things differently. Summertime experiments with the Sunday liturgy incorporated prayers with more creation-centered language. 

Speaking at Environmental Summit

at Allagash Brewery with the mayor, state representative, city councilor, head of the Sierra Club, and CEO of Revision Energy. Reminding them of the spiritual side – ‘why’ we do what we do.

Externally, we continued a close relationship with the Sierra Club of Maine whose Portland Climate Action Team holds its meetings in the upper parish hall.

With them we co-sponsored a public screening of Naomi Klein’s film “This Changes Everything” and actively pressed for solar energy at the state and local levels.

Collaborations with our neighborhood association helped us care for creation by working towards more cohesive, resilient communities.

Joining with Maine Episcopal Network for Justice encouraged us to use public power for eco-justice.

Members of St. Luke’s Creation Care Team participate in collective actions such as those aimed at stopping tar sands from flowing to South Portland and blocking construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.


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Maine Interfaith Power and Light

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