Prayers for the Week: February 11, 2018

PRAYERS for the Week of February 11, 2018

In The Anglican cycle of prayer, pray for The Church of the Province of Central Africa.  In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, pray for the congregations of Church of the Good Shepherd, Houlton, St. Francis by the Sea, Blue Hill.  For United Thank Offering.   For the people and clergy of our Companion Diocese of Haiti.

We offer prayers of healing and comfort for Members of our Congregation:  Jane Kolkhorst, June Stevenson, Candy Giroux, Joe Edgar, Susan Hough, Sam Parsons, Peter Mulvey, Harold Donatelli, Heather Robinson, Donald DeRice, Barbara Prime, Gretchen Lane, Nancy Bowker, Ted Wright, Linda Poland, Joe Walker, Steve Sawyer, Deb Potts, Cynthia Widdows, Lin Parsons, John Watson, Dottie Pride, Judd Hume, Nan White, Terry Foster, Sally Poland, Keith Dunlap, Chris Johnston, Leigh Donaldson, Chet Bishop.

For our Friends and Family Katharine Doughty (daughter of Mary Doughty), Lydia, Annaelle Safha, Binta and Sabri, (family of Thierry Ndabahagamye), Janet Brennan (mother of Michael Brennan), Sabin Streeter (friend of Linda Beane and Celia and Victor Wakefield), Wilbur Easler (uncle of Anna Messmer), Nancy Blanchard (friend of Pat and Fred Fowler), Bob Creighton, (brother of Connie Bingham),  Duane Fleming (step brother of Julie Hugo Vidal),  Gordon Robinson (friend of Sallie Smith), Paul Schwotzer (friend of Ray Davis Murdoch Curry), Lisa Smith (daughter of Frank and Helen Smith), Meredith MacLeod (niece of Anna Messmer),  Beth Morrison (friend of Chuck Sawyer and David Savage), Jerel Chamberlain (son of Dottie Pride), Medjeen Claris (brother of Wisley Claris), Tri Nguyen (friend of Nikki and Lester Evans), Mary Manetti (mother of Ellen Manetti, mother-in-law of Michael Courts), Barbara Curry (sister-in-law of Ray Davis Murdoch Curry),  Anna Urban Rothberg (daughter of Lee Urban), Bruce Deuel (brother of Susie Juhl),  Jerry Keller (father of David Keller), Jean Scott (friend of Sallie Smith), John Young (nephew of Chuck Sawyer and David Savage), Todd Sisley (friend of Cynthia Morris), Steve Wiggin (friend of Ray Davis Murdoch Curry), Barbara Dodge (aunt of Nancy Mawhinney), Jeff Goddard (brother of Shari Shambaugh), Neve Pourchot (friend of Anne Fowler), Chris Hyfield (friend of Pat and Fred Fowler) and Susan Winn (friend of Ray Davis Murdoch Curry) Donald Buckley (friend of (Betsey Deleuse), Linda Horta (granddaughter of Cynthia Fitzgerald).    

We especially give thanks for Eleanor Threet, Susan Trent, Jeff Turczyn and Kathleen Scott, Arthur Turner, and Lee Urban.

We commend to your mercy all who have died.   Please add your own prayers.  

We pray for Donald our President and Paul our Governor. We pray for our City Council members: Brian Batson, District 3 and Justin Costa, District 4.   We pray for Michael our Presiding Bishop, Stephen our Bishop, and for our Cathedral clergy.