Announcements: November 12, 2017

Upcoming Events

November 19           Youth Led Worship Service & Stewardship Ingathering

November 22           Thanksgiving Eve Ecumenical Service (at Trinity on Forest Ave.)

December 3              First Sunday of Advent, Advent Wreath Making at 11:30 am

December 3              Evensong with installation of Thurl Headen as Lead Verger and Celebration of the ministry of David Savage (reception following)

December 24            5:00 pm Christmas Eve Family Service and Christmas Pageant

10:00 pm Candlelight Christmas Eve Service (music begins at 9:30)

December 25            10:00 am Christmas Day Service



Thank you, Margot Hill, Dawn Brennan-Daly, and all of our wonderful volunteers for a fantastic fair yesterday! It was a wonderful fundraiser, fun-raiser, community celebration. Thank you for welcoming visitors to St. Lukes, honoring veterans and having a great time!

The Explorers are reading J. Philip Newell’s Listening to the Heartbeat of God: An introduction to Celtic Spirituality. This book presents a spirituality for today, modeled on the vital characteristics of Celtic spirituality through the centuries. Here is an emphasis on the essential goodness of creation and humanity made in the image of God. This book traces the lines of Celtic spirituality from the British church in the fourth century through to the twentieth century, in the founder of the Iona Community, George Macleod. Refresh the roots of your faith with us on Sundays from 8:45 ’til 9:45.

Twilight in the Chapel:  We are delighted to welcome musician Gary Richardson to our twilight service tonight. Please join us at 5:15 in Emmanuel Chapel for an intimate and welcoming Rite II Eucharist with The Rev. Suzanne Roberts. We continue to evaluate this service. If you have feedback let us know!

Today’s Stewardship Message:  Ancient authorities believe that Jesus said or sung the 145th Psalm three times a day.  This post-Exilic poem is all praise. There are no petitions of personal need.  To offer God praise was to share in the power of God’s Word. To offer God praise was to be empowered to do God’s will.  This poem, which captures the Israelites’ joy after being freed from Babylonian slavery, praises God for all his blessings.  This heritage of praise was central to Jesus’ worship.  But praise is also something more.   Our Judeo-Christian religion was the first to acknowledge God as a giver.  The Synoptics, St. John, and the Pauline epistles restate the ancient understanding that salvation occurs only by faith.  That the believers’ status is always as receiver.  That God can not be bought nor appeased nor reconciled. Salvation is the gift of faith.  To put this understanding in street language for the believer “it is more blessed to receive than to give”. To become righteous in God’s eyes we declare, through faith, that we have not done, nor could not do, anything to deserve forgiveness nor salvation.  Paul said this over and over in his declaration to the Romans, i.e., there is nothing we can do to deserve forgiveness or salvation.  These are God’s gifts to us, and they become ours only by faith.  Faith is the status of accepting God’s saving gift in Jesus the Christ.  To be righteous is to accept God’s gift.  To become God’s righteousness is to be joyful receivers.  To truly understand “stewardship” is to give to others the gift of becoming receivers of God’s saving grace.  We proclaim the joys of receivership as we proclaim God’s love, and as we love one another.  In this joy we share the exuberance of giving; in this joy we exhibit God’s love for his creation.  In this joy we share the mind of our Lord Jesus.            –Bob Hanson

The Thursday Theological Study group is in its eighth consecutive year.  We are using this study time to understand better, and to analyze Jesus’ teaching on the Gospel, and the inauguration of the New Aeon.  Facilitating our study is Paul Tillich’s The New Being, Anders Nygren’s Commentary on the Romans and papers by Dr. Robert Hanson.

Nominations for vestry, diocesan delegates:  During November, nominations (via forms available from the cathedral office or at the entrances of the cathedral) will be open for members of the vestry and St. Luke’s delegates to the 2018 diocesan convention and the 2019 special convention which will elect the next bishop of Maine. Self-nominations are welcome.

The Caregivers Support Group continues to meet every other Wed. at 10:30am in the Oratory. We meet this coming Wednesday, November 15. Anyone who is caring or has cared for someone with an incapacitating illness is welcome, including spouses, children or friends.  The group is led by Mary Leigh Hanson and Ralph Cordes.  Please join us.

Stewardship Update:  As of November 9, we have received 14 pledges for a total of $21,118.00.  Thank you to all who responded so promptly and generously.  Our Stewardship Ingathering will be Sunday, November 19 during our 10:00 service.

Ecumenical Thanksgiving Eve Service:  The annual Portland-wide Singing Celebration of Thanksgiving will be held at Trinity Church on Forest Avenue on Wednesday, November 22 at 7:00 pm. Please come, join other churches in worship, represent St. Luke’s, and give thanks!  Because of this service, we will not have a Thanksgiving service at St. Luke’s this year.

Living Stones November Update:   We are excited to announce that two major projects under phase 2 of the Living Stones capital campaign are now in the planning stage.

  • The Kitchen Firstly, after meetings with various users of the kitchen, a kitchen design consultant is working on a plan for the complete reconstruction of our kitchen.  This is quite a complicated process as the present kitchen does not meet code, and in addition, the flooring needs attention.  We will provide updates as this project progresses.
  • The Parking Lot Secondly, the parking lot will be resurfaced next week, creating a new, attractive, and safe welcome to those who come in our Park Street entrance!  The lot will be closed from November 14th through November 16th, with no parking available for any church staff, volunteers, or activities. The lot may be used as usual on Sunday the 12th and 19th. Thank you for your patience!