Announcements July 2, 2017

The Flowers on the Altar are given to the Glory of God and in celebration of the marriages of Jessica Martens and Patrick Callinan, Erin Pelletier and Troy Connolly, Nancy Bonnevie and Laurie Desjardens. All three couples were married here over the weekend.

Celebration of  Dick Rasner Today: Join us for a special celebration of Dick Rasner after the 10:00 worship  service.  We’ll have cake, ice cream and lemonade! Don’t miss this opportunity to send Dick off on his exciting new life adventures.


Healing Team:  There will be no Team members scheduled through the four (4) Sundays in August, and including the first Sunday in Sept.  We will return on Sunday, Sept. 10th.  John Leddy

Please remember our kids in Duny, Haiti, who depend on your support for school lunches. Please donate your spare quarters (25c, or more, if possible). We thank you for your generous support!

Calling all Photographers! Have you snapped off some pictures on your camera or I-Phone of events in the past couple of years here at St. Lukes?  Our communications department would love to take a look at them!  Email them to and you might get to see them in a flier, poster or on social media.  Help us show the greater community what a great place St. Lukes is!

A friendly reminder for those using our beautiful space:   when you are here, whether for a meeting, concert, service etc., please, if you are the last to leave, check that the lights are out and the doors are closed and locked, both for the security of our  building and the conservation of our electricity.  Thank you!

Save the Date

Lukulele’s Gather Monday, July 3 at 7pm:  It’s finally “Summertime”; and on the day before the Fourth of July, we’ll be in the Upper Parish Hall starting at 7:00 pm singing and strumming that song and more, including “America the Beautiful”, “This Land Is Your Land”, and (of course) “Yankee Doodle”.  Please come and join in the fun of celebrating the Fourth of July on the third. We’re a fun-loving, easy-going, all-supportive group of uke’sters and uke’ster wannabes. If you’ve never held a ukulele, come join us. If you’ve played a uke for years, come. All are welcomed.

Dan Knudsen, Juniper Ginger, Faith Francis, and Molly Ladd Live at St. Luke’s: Join local musician and St. Luke’s parishioner Dan Knudsen and three lovely and talented fellow local Maine singer/songwriter/guitarists and friends on July 14 from 7:00 – 9:30 pm in the Emmanuel Chapel.  Suggested donations of $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. We look forward to seeing you there.