Announcements June 25, 2017

Haiti Meeting Today:  We’ll meet in the chapter room at 11:30am to discuss communications with the parish and to finalize details around teacher salaries in Duny.  Anyone in the St. Luke’s community is welcome to join the meeting as new members are always welcome.  Although it is summer break in Duny we continue to collect quarters for the 2017/2018 school year to fund meals for the St. Simon/St. Jude School.  Your generosity has allowed school children in Duny to eat lunch for seven years.  Thank you!

Lemonade Hour Today!  We’ll gather under the Copper Beech Tree immediately following the 10 am service. Please join us!

Twilight in the Chapel: Our special guest at our service this evening is Emma Jones.  A 2017 graduate of South Portland High School, Miss Jones has been taking voice lessons for 10 years from Gloria and Reggie Bonnin and has become an accomplished soprano.  She will be accompanied by Terry Foster. Please join us at 5:15pm for this contemplative service followed by a small reception.


The Explorers are confronting the challenges of discovering one’s truer Self.  This exploration is accompanied by group sharing, deep meditation, digesting chapters 1, 2 and 3 in Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, and the rich insights coming from Paul Tillich’s Shaking the Foundations.  Meaning is found as ego-consciousness allows the soul/Self to uncover the content of unconsciousness.  This is the journey.  The outcomes along the way are marked by increased consciousness.  On this journey one meets one’s many selves.  Exploration makes conscious the struggles of the self selving.   Newcomers are welcome.  We meet in the Chapter Room at 8:45 on Sundays.

Bring your bling!!  June is the month when we begin to collect our treasures for the jewelry counter at the November 11th fall fair. We are starting from scratch this year, so your donations are especially important. Jewelry is one of our most successful sections of the fair, so all of your contributions are important. Please sort through your jewelry and bring your treasures to the church marked for the Fair. Our Crafters Grab Bag was very successful last year.  This means that we welcome any broken jewelry or parts of jewelry. So don’t hesitate to bring that one lost earring, the pearls without a clasp, or a pin without a back. Margo and Dawn will be in the upper hall after services on Sundays to receive your jewelry. Or leave it in the office for safekeeping, marked for the Holiday Fair.

Linens Lace & Ribbon:  Looking for vintage linens and textiles for the Holiday Fair. Must be in good clean condition without stains or rips and holes. In addition we can use lace and trim in the same good condition. These items will hopefully be sold to people who can use them as is, or repurpose them for such things as pillow covers, pillow cases, bags, children’s clothes and dolls clothes etc. Items can be dropped off in the upper hall before or after the 10 am Sunday service at the designated table.

Calling all Photographers! Have you snapped off some pictures on your camera or I-Phone of events in the past couple of years here at St. Lukes?  Our communications department would love to take a look at them!  Email them to and you might get to see them in a flier, poster or on social media.  Help us show the greater community what a great place St. Lukes is!

A friendly reminder for those using our beautiful space:   when you are here, whether for a meeting, concert, service etc., please, if you are the last to leave, check that the lights are out and the doors are closed and locked, both for the security of our  building and the conservation of our electricity.  Thank you!
Save the Date

Celebration of  The Rev. Dick Rasner: Join us for a special celebration of Dick Rasner next Sunday, July 2 after the 10:00 service.  We’ll have cake, ice cream and lemonade! Don’t miss this opportunity to send Dick off on his exciting new life adventures.