Minutes of Vestry meeting, February 15, 2017

Cathedral Church of St. Luke

143 State Street

Portland, Maine 04101

Minutes of Vestry meeting, February 15, 2017

Attending: Dean Ben Shambaugh, George Cooper, Sam Allen, Georgia Bancroft, Michael Brennan, Luke Brostek, Michael Courts, Elise Magnuson, Mary Linneman, Misha Pride, Nick Penfield, and Connie Bingham.

Dean Shambaugh called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m. and began the meeting with prayer and the commissioning of new Vestry members (Georgia Bancroft, Michael Brennan and Michael Courts), Treasurer (Connie Bingham) and Clerk (Nick Penfield). A motion was made to approve the appointment of Connie Bingham as Treasurer. Vestry approved. A motion was made to approve the appointment of Nick Penfield as Clerk. Vestry approved.

Dean’s Report

Dean Shambaugh updated the Vestry on the health of our Deacon as well as our former Deacon.

Dean Shambaugh recognized and thanked Alice Goshorn for the great job she did serving as Deacon on Sunday in Father Rasner’s absence.

$400 was raised from the Valentine’s cookies.

Dean Shambaugh distributed the 2016 Parochial Report for St. Luke’s. Vestry approved.

Decrease in membership listed on Parochial Report is related to a clean-up of the Cathedral’s internal database vs. actual membership drop in 2016.

Low enrollment in church school a concern.

Treasurer’s Report

January’s numbers are not finalized yet, but we preliminarily have received $66K in 2017 pledge payments in January.

Parking lot/snow removal expenses are running higher than budget. All other expense items appear to be on track.

Junior Warden’s Report

Two significant repairs were recently required – a heating unit in All Saints’ Chapel ($460) and a combustion fan unit

in one of our two gas heating furnaces ($2,500 + $130 for the service call).

Cathedral work day is scheduled for Saturday, February 18th.

Sam will provide an update on the impact of the LED lightbulbs on the Cathedral’s electric bill at the March meeting of the Vestry.

Senior Warden Report

Lens installation for the Rose Window is now slated for Monday, February 20th. Previous installation attempts were postponed due to inclement weather.

George reviewed plans for the Vestry retreat:

Rev. Michael Ambler to lead retreat.

Claire has agreed to host Friday night’s dinner.

Review of potential proposals for phase two of construction funded by the capital campaign.

Kitchen renovations, additional bathroom capacity, parking lot improvements, and improvements to seating in the Nave are all needed but these will need prioritization because of the five-year duration of capital campaign pledge payments.

Review feedback from the Annual Meeting.

Review strategic plan as it pertains to the 5:15 service; youth/spiritual formation; and the perceived need to hire an assistant priest.

Other Business

Vestry engaged in general discussion on follow up items from the Annual Meeting pertaining to where God is calling us. Focus was on usage of Cathedral space, kids, Mom groups, prayer breakfasts, and how these areas support growth.

Dean Shambaugh recognized Elise for the excellent job she did facilitating the discussion at Annual Meeting.

Dean Shambaugh will mention the 150th anniversary of the Cathedral in the next E-pistle. Committee to be formed to focus on celebration.

Mary followed up on the Vestry greeter schedule and explained the process for the benefit of the new Vestry members.

Next Vestry meeting will be on March 15th at 6:00 PM.

Vestry meeting concluded with Evening Prayer in the New Zealand prayer book. The meeting ended at 7:34 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nick Penfield, Clerk