Minutes of Annual Meeting, January 29, 2017

The Annual Meeting was led by The Very Rev. Benjamin Shambaugh, Dean of the Cathedral, The Rev. Suzanne Roberts, George Cooper, Senior Warden, and Sam Allen, Junior Warden. Dean Shambaugh called the meeting to order at 11:38 AM and opened the meeting in prayer.

A motion was made to approve the Minutes from the Annual Meeting on January 31, 2016. The motion was seconded. Minutes were approved.

Seventy-four members of the congregation were signed in and eligible to vote.

Nominations to Vestry, Senior Warden and Convention Delegates: Dean Shambaugh read the names of the candidates and had each stand. Nominees are: For Senior Warden: George Cooper. For Vestry: Georgia Bancroft, Michael Brennan and Michael Courts. For Convention Delegate: Sam Allen, Lisle Blind, Donna Bolden, George Cooper, Fred Fowler, Carter Jedrey-Irvin, Misha Pride, and Jack Swanton.

Nominations were requested from the floor. None were brought forth. A motion was made to cease accepting nominations from the floor. The motion was seconded and passed. Ballots were collected by members of the congregation for counting.

Dean Shambaugh explained that the formula for determining the number of delegates representing each congregation was changed. As a result, St. Luke’s will be sending 5 delegates (in previous years St. Luke’s had 9-10 delegates) to the 2017 convention and will retain a list of alternates.

Senior Warden Report: George Cooper delivered the Senior Warden’s report. 2016 was a challenging year based on the construction project and misconduct allegation. The Rose Window lens will be installed from February 6th through February 8th. The cost of the Rose Window lens is under budget.

Junior Warden Report: Sam Allen delivered the Junior Warden’s report. Monthly workdays have been scheduled and the Cathedral has 30 volunteers on the Junior Warden’s email list for workday support. If other volunteers are interested in being added to the email list, please contact the Junior Warden. In 2016, unwanted items (2.9 tons) were removed from the undercroft. Additionally, regular lightbulbs have been replaced with LED lightbulbs which will save energy and not require the Building & Grounds Committee to replace lightbulbs on a frequent basis. Because of the construction project, the Bishop’s Garden was under-maintained in 2016 but will be better maintained in 2017.

Finance Committee: Anna Klein Christie, Chair, began by thanking the congregation and expressing appreciation for Mac McCabe’s work as Treasurer for the last four years. Anna presented Mac with a gift from the Finance Committee and Dean Shambaugh presented a gift on behalf of St. Luke’s. Mac reminded those congregants who have not pledged to submit 2017 pledges as soon as possible. The end of year statements will be mailed to parishioners next week. The Cathedral enjoyed a surplus of $19,000 – the largest surplus under Mac’s tenure as Treasurer.

Dean Shambaugh introduced the next agenda item – a community conversation on what we do well as a Cathedral and where God is calling us. Results of the conversation will be reviewed at the upcoming Vestry retreat. Elise Magnuson led this portion of the agenda. Below is a summary of the congregations comments:

Strengths Areas where God is calling us

Community Increase civil discourse

Liturgy Invitations to Senators to visit St. Luke’s

Inclusiveness Expansion of ministry to refugees

Music Commitment to families in neighborhood

People Family breakfasts and prayer services

Presence of God Fuller use of the Cathedral (building/physical plant)

Clergy Increase stewardship

Openness Bilingual services (French)

Building African/Anglican services

Preaching Increase availability of certain Cathedral spaces being open

Outreach Affordable housing – Mercy Hospital?

Social Justice Expand congregation to fund Assoc. Priest

Location Leadership

St. Elizabeth’s Intentional prayer/renewal of baptismal vows

Inter-generational activities


Election Results: Dean Shambaugh announced the following election results: Senior Warden: George Cooper. Vestry Members: Georgia Bancroft, Michael Brennan and Michael Courts. Delegates to Convention as determined by number of votes: Sam Allen, Lisle Blind, Donna Bolden, George Cooper, and Fred Fowler. Alternate Delegates: Misha Pride, Jack Swanton and Carter Jedrey-Irvin.

Dean Shambaugh thanked the retiring vestry members for their service, giving each a gift. Retiring members are Rob Goshorn and Liz Griffin. Dean Shambaugh thanked Mac McCabe for his service as well as Sarah Halpin, outgoing of the Endowment Committee. Nick Penfield is to be the new chair of the Endowment Committee. George Cooper also thanked Fred Fowler and Matt Priddy for their previous work as Wardens on the construction project, as well as Anne Schink for her tremendous work on the capital campaign.

New Business: Dean Shambaugh asked for new or old business from the floor. Steven Scharf asked about the Cathedral’s 150th anniversary and Dean Shambaugh indicated that a committee will be formed to plan celebration. Steven Scharf also asked if the Dean had information about the future of the Mercy Hospital building on State Street and the Dean did not have any updated information.

The meeting closed with a cappella singing of the Doxology. A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nick Penfield, Secretary