Minutes of Vestry meeting, October 19, 2016

Attending: Dean Ben Shambaugh, George Cooper, Sam Allen, Bob Goshorn, Claire Hammen, Misha Pride, Rev. Dick Rasner, Nick Penfield, and Mac McCabe.

Dean Shambaugh called the meeting to order at 6:11 p.m. and led the Vestry with the Covenant for Civil Discourse from the Maine Council of Churches.

The minutes of the September 21, 2016 Vestry meeting were approved.

  • Dean’s Report
    • Dean Shambaugh reviewed highlights from September as well as the large amount of pastoral care that has been administered over the last month.
    • For upcoming services, Dean Shambaugh reported that he will preach in Bangor at St. John’s for the Sunday service on October 23rd and Rev. Roberts will cover for Dean Shambaugh.  The ecumenical service on Thanksgiving will be held at Woodford’s Congregational Church.
    • Lynne is continuing research on forms and fees for use of the Cathedral.
    • Jon Radtke is in the process of interviewing for a Sunday School Assistant.
    • Due to Mac McCabe’s resignation, we need to find a new Treasurer.  Dean Shambaugh reviewed the process for this and confirmed that the Vestry elects a new Treasurer.
    • Dean Shambaugh discussed the necessity for the Vestry in finding replacement clergy while the Dean is on sabbatical next year, and Claire agreed to lead a committee consisting of George and Misha to find replacement clergy.  Dean Shambaugh recommended that the Committee be small.
  • Stewardship/Fundraising Update
    • Rob updated the Vestry on the Holiday Fair, and is exploring the potential for a silent auction.
      • Setup for the Fair is on November 7th and the Fair will be on November 12th.  The Fair concludes at 3:00, and there is a concert that evening so we will quickly need to reset the Nave after the Fair.
    • Rob reminded the Vestry to have pledges in soon so we can announce to the congregation that we have 100% Vestry participation.
    • November 7th is the target date for pledge forms to be sent.
    • Dean Shambaugh thanked Rob for all of his hard work on Stewardship and Fundraising.
  • Senior Warden Report
    • George reviewed with the Vestry a problem pertaining to water drainage with one of the Cathedral’s neighbors.  Sam Allen offered to assist with resolution with the help of the Building Committee.
    • George is researching potential polycarbonate solutions to replace the protective windows over the stained glass windows.
    • Final piece of Phase I (installation of protective lens over the Rose Window) is now slated to commence after Thanksgiving.
  • Junior Warden Report
    • Sam reviewed a preliminary list compiled by the Building and Grounds Committee of potential projects for Phase II of the Living Stones Campaign.  The list includes repair and painting of the window louvers in the chapel, repair and painting of the flesché, construction of the new bathrooms close to the Nave, kitchen renovations, seating improvements, restoration of the lancet windows, parking lot improvements, and renewal of the choir rehearsal room.
    • Students and staff from Cheverus School will be at St. Luke’s on October 20th to assist with yard work.
    • A Parish workday is scheduled for October 22nd.
    • Work continues to outfit the pews with Prayerbook/Hymnal racks.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Mac McCabe
    • Mac reviewed the financial reports from September.  The numbers continue to improve and are moving in the right direction.
      • September pledges were $32,805 vs. $28,000 last year.  Overall, we are at 69% of annual pledge budget vs. 73% last year.
      • Total YTD revenues are $431,000 vs. $429,000 last year.
      • Total YTD expenses are $460,184 vs. $427,434.26 last year.
      • Total YTD deficit is $29,000 vs. a surplus of $1,893 last year.
      • Dean Shambaugh discussed changes to the fees schedule which include not charging parishioners or their children for weddings and funerals.  The Vestry concurred with these changes.
  • Capital Campaign – Claire Hammen
    • We are doing well in terms of collecting capital campaign pledges.
    • Including the sale of the Deanery, we have collected $1,078,000 which includes $632,538 of individual contributions.
    • Mac will follow up with Marc to see if a combined year-end statement (regular pledges and capital campaign pledges) can be sent.
  • Outreach Report – Father Rasner
    • Father Rasner issued his report, including an update on the Haiti Committee.
      • Dean Shambaugh indicated that the first priority now is providing water for Duny residents, as the water pipeline was damaged during Hurricane Matthew.  Second priority is food, and third is the church.
      • There was significant response from the congregation to Hurricane Matthew.

The meeting concluded with prayer at 7:46 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nick Penfield, Secretary