Minutes of Vestry meeting, September 21, 2016

Attending: Dean Ben Shambaugh, George Cooper, Sam Allen, Bob Goshorn, Claire Hammen, Elise Magnuson, Liz Griffin, Mary Linneman, Luke Brostek, Nick Penfield, and Mac McCabe.  John Radtke, Director of Spiritual Formation, also joined for part of the meeting.

Dean Shambaugh called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. and led the Vestry with the St. Luke’s Capital Campaign Prayer and a sharing of “God moments” from this summer.

The minutes of the June 15, 2016 Vestry meeting were approved.

The Vestry acknowledged and thanked Sam Allen, Junior Warden, for his excellent work with his construction updates tracking the construction work from this summer.

  • Senior Warden Report
    • George provided the Vestry with an updated financial report which accounted for the rose window repairs and other construction activities.
    • Excluding our donation to Camp Bishopswood, St. Luke’s has expended $1.1M thus far which includes construction work, as well as consulting and architectural expense.
    • Vestry will need to prioritize the next phase of construction.
    • It was recommended that the Vestry continue to regularly communicate with the congregation on future capital improvements as the Vestry decides next steps.
  • Junior Warden Report
    • Sam reviewed his report which contained a list of all accomplishments related to the construction work as well as updates from the Building and Grounds Committee.  There are two more construction items which need to be completed in October: installation of the protective transparent “lens” on the exterior of the rose window, and repair of the credence to the right of the reredos.
    • There was consensus within the Building Committee that the Beech Tree is reaching the end of its natural life.  Nick will contact to the City of Portland Arborist to see if an assessment can be made.  If the tree is dying, we will need to plan for this and communicate this appropriately to the congregation.
    • Sam also highlighted two other items in his report:  the plan to install hymnal/prayer book shelving below the pew seats and the need for more light in the Emmanuel Chapel.
  • Dean’s Report
    • Dean Shambaugh began his report by reviewing all of the upcoming Cathedral events through Christmas.
    • Dean Shambaugh provided an overview of the upcoming Greater Chapter meeting on October 5th.
    • Upcoming Diocesan Convention will be held at Hannaford Hall at USM.
    • Dean Shambaugh has been invited to preach at St. John’s in Bangor on October 23rd.
    • Dean Shambaugh reviewed his vacation schedule.
    • Dean Shambaugh discussed social action:
      • Maine Episcopal Justice Network
      • Preble Street Faith Action Network
      • Family Promise (need for volunteers)
    • Dean Shambaugh discussed sabbatical planning in 2017 and the need for replacement clergy.  Plan will be to start the sabbatical at some point (TBD) after Easter.
  • Jon Ratke, Director of Spiritual Formation, presented a plan to the Vestry to hire a Sunday School Lead Teacher/Coordinator.  Position would report to the Education Director and be funded by a reduction in the Education Director’s salary.  Dean Shambaugh indicated that this is part of our strategic plan and facilitates our mission.  Vestry approved the creation of the position.
    • Jon also updated the Vestry on Sunday School enrollment (15 kids on 9/11 and 6 kids on 9/18) and staffing levels.
    • Jon further reported that Meredith Cough is putting together a monthly outdoor program for high school students.
  • Stewardship – Bob Goshorn
    • November 20th will be Stewardship Sunday
    • Bob presented a draft Stewardship letter and solicited the Vestry’s feedback
      • Elise recommended adding an item for children education
      • Dean Shambaugh recommended adding an item for pastoral care
    • Bob recommended to the Vestry that it turn in its pledges by November 6th so we can demonstrate that the lay leadership is unified in pledging.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Mac McCabe
    • Mac reviewed the financial reports from August.  The numbers improved from the previous month.
      • August revenue was $45,758 and $376,937 YTD.  August expenses were $40,902 and $403,828 YTD leaving a deficit of $26,891.
      • Balance sheet is $2,485,882 vs. $2,538,614 in 2015.
    • Mac recommended we move $7,674 from the Emmanuel Chapel Fund to the Capital Campaign Fund.  The Vestry approved this transfer.
    • Mac has received a draft audit report and will be reviewing the report with Smith & Associates, the auditing firm.
  • Capital Campaign – Claire Hammen
    • As of September 15th, we have received $1.247M in pledges and collected $603,900 which is 48% of the amount pledged.
    • Since September 15th, and additional $40,000 has been collected.
  • George acknowledged and thanked Dean Shambaugh for the great job Dean Shambaugh did at Evensong/rededication of the Rose Window.

The meeting concluded with prayer at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nick Penfield, Secretary